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New Hope is a charming little village nestled along the Delaware River and Delaware Canal that conjures up visions of a by-gone era. Located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, this sophisticated little gem of a town represents different things to different people. To some, New Hope is the place to visit art galleries. To others, it's a place to spend enchanting romantic weekends, cuddled up by the fire at one of the many beautifully restored inns, or walking down by the riverside. New Hope's natural beauty has always been mesmerizing.

New Hope has always been a place to escape the humdrum routine into a magical fantasy experience. Performing arts are more alive and progressive in New Hope than in most cities, five, even ten times its size. It's an easy trip from New York, Philadelphia and most parts of New Jersey, perfect for dining in one of our many nationally renowned restaurants, or taking in a show or concert at one of the many theatres in the area. Day trips to New Hope are easy to fill with things to do - ferry rides, visits to historic sites, carriage rides, mule barge rides, and of course, shopping. New Hope is a Shoppers Paradise with over 100 shops, offering local crafts, as well as, beautiful items from around the world.

The streets of New Hope are few (only four: Main Street, North and South, Bridge Street, Ferry Street and Mechanic Street), plus quaint little alley-ways and side streets where visitors can wander along the cobblestone walks, finding many surprising nooks and crannies. Throughout the year, the many active New Hope associations and groups provide events. For instance, the town will become "The Enchanted Christmas Village" with the glow of white lights and streets lined with candles. New Hope believes in serving up its holidays the old-fashioned way, with plenty of charm and history.

New Hope's history is an important part of its attraction. It is just a few miles from Washington's Crossing. It was here that Washington crossed the Delaware to fight the Battle of Trenton in the American Revolution. There are important historic sites in and around New Hope attached to this private historic event. William Penn owned the original parcel of land that eventually became New Hope and signed it over in 1681 to another owner. It changed hands several times until the American Revolution. After the war, Benjamin Parry began operating two mills here, which burned down in 1790. When they were rebuilt they were called the "New Hope Mills", offering new hope to all of the town.

Today New Hope continues the tradition of bringing the world a positive "new hope" by preserving its own unique tradition of offering its visitors an experience you cannot find anywhere else...a fantasy, an escape into the arts, a page turned back in history. Welcome to New Hope.